1. The amazing singing Indri Lemur - Primation

1. The amazing singing Indri Lemur

The amazing singing Indri Lemur of Madagascar


Perhaps the least known of our 'famous five' iconic endangered primates, the Indri Lemur could be considered the most fascinating. 

Also called the Bobakoto, these cute little creatures (actually one of the largest lemurs!) are only found on the island of Madagascar.

Famous for their distinct voices and once abundant, they are now sadly critically endangered and restricted to the rainforest in the NE of the island. 

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 Some cool facts

  • They travel between trees, eating fruit, leaves and flowers along the way.
  • If on the ground, they jump with their hands above their heads.
  • Distinctive voice calls carry information about the individuals such as age and gender.
Here's a super cool video about the Indri with David Attenborough ...

Cute eh?!

So why are they critically endangered?

  • Their habitat is fragmented so therefor they live in isolated populations.
  • This rainforest habitat is also diminishing due to deforestation and slash and burn agriculture.
  • They have a low birthrate.

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How can we help?

There are numerous charities working towards saving the citically endangered Indri Lemur.

Here's our top 3:

  1. Rainforest Trust
  2. The Aspinall Foundation
  3. Animal Survival International












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