Our Story

Introducing Primation ...


Every now and then, something happens to wake you   out of your slumber and give you the inspration to start something new, or renew something that has been dormant.                                                                                    

Spotting an old page link on my Facebook page my son's curiosity made him quickly open it up. Straight away he noticed the beginnings of an online shop that I had started a few years back and never followed up. The timing was wrong!

This galvanised me into action. It was time to start the online shop that had lain dormant. The seeds for Primation had been watered.

I'm Neil Wilson (yep, that's me with the monkey!) and I'm the founder of Primation.

Exceptional accessories

All of our products  draw attention to our 'famous five' primates. They are intended to remind us that they are HERE NOW and that they need to REMAIN that way!


Some of our accessories include ...


  • Duvet covers
  • Phone cases
  • Hooded blankets


"The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for"

- Earnest Hemingway

Our values

We are passionate about conservation.


We love to draw attention to these 'famous five' primates:


Mountain Gorilla


Golden Lion Tamarin

Indri Lemur



They are indeed iconic and it would be a tragedy of the highest order if any of these magnificent animals were to disappear forever from the wilds of our planet.

What's in a name?

I formed the name 'Primation' from a combination of 'primate' and 'nation'. I wanted to bring together the wonderful primates that our store is championing and a 'nation' of supporters, customers and followers who truly care for their continued existence on our planet.

Although, I should have checked the dictionary first, as primation is actually an obscure word meaning to reduce something by 100%. I'm not planning to do this with my products!